Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Inverse Life Interest Postulate

I have noticed something.

I used to have all sorts of interesting things happening that I always thought were worth writing down. I would tell these stories to friends and coworkers and they seemed to be entertaining. This being the case, I always thought having a blog to publish these stories to the world would be something of an interesting experiment.
Would anyone else in distant corners of the world think these anecdotes were worth reading? My guess would be "likely not", but the idea always fascinated me.

Since then, two things have happened. These two things are not related, but I think one has had an effect on the other.
1. I very recently got married.
2. Even more recently, I got a blog.

After #1 occurred, I just don't seem to have any little interesting stories to put on #2.

I just can't make "putting together Ikea furniture" into a very interesting story. There's not a lot to put on a blog to describe "watching a movie on the couch with my wife."

I'm not saying life has become boring, but it just doesn't seem to be all that blog-worthy anymore. Perhaps after getting settled in with married life, things will once again be filled with transcription-worthy events.

I just hope my wife doesn't find this someday and get the wrong idea...